Party Crashers® Live Performance Band

Party Crashers® Video Sample

Party Crashers® has become the go-to band for high-profile corporate events, celebrity parties, and million dollar extravaganzas. They have performed at the Toronto International Film Festival, Cosmopolitan, Mandalay Bay, and other Hotels in Las Vegas, multi-million dollar celebrity parties, and have been brought in as corporate event entertainment to breathe life into the most lavish events ever imagined all over the globe.

Before their first appearance at the New Orleans Mardi Gras in 2012 they were told they wouldn’t be hired again the following year, because a different band was booked each year for the famed party. But their performance was so spectacular at their first Mardi Gras appearance, the rules were thrown out, and they were hired again the next year, and then again the year after that, and again, and again, and you get the picture. They are one of the most in-demand Top 40 dance bands in the country, always getting rave reviews from clients. Whether it’s a concert, corporate dance, or private party, this is the live cover band you want when only the best will do.

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This amazing band puts on a show that always leaves a lasting impression. There is no other live performance band out there like Party Crashers®. They combine studio quality vocalists and musicians, dazzling costumes, colorful light show, stellar showmanship, high-energy choreography and the highest quality music you’ll find anywhere at any price. When you really want to pump up the action at your next big event, invite the Party Crashers® band to the celebration and watch the magic happen.

“The Party Crashers® are without a doubt the best band I’ve ever hired.” – Renee Colyer, CEO, Forefactor Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I was concerned that the video I saw online might have been the best that they would offer, and to my surprise it was just the opposite. The video presentation is just the tip of the iceberg – the energy, entertainment and talent just continued to grow and flow throughout the night.” – Fred Nuccio, Krewe of Orpheus, New Orleans, Louisiana, Mardi Gras 2012

“They were the best party band I have EVER seen. It was seriously the best party we have ever done and I am going back to my office to look at the calendar next week to see where else we can use them. They were incredible to work with and so lovely and kind. I can’t thank you enough, they were off the charts amazing. You will hear from me 100% about future opportunities for them. THANK YOU!” – Rebecca Meikle, Meridican Incentive Consultants, Las Vegas, NV

“They were absolutely amazing. I don’t even know where to start. On Friday night the band was UNbelievable!! On Saturday night, word had spread, and it was jam-packed – thousands of people. My clients were blown away. The owners said ‘we’re having them back next year, right?!?’ DUH!. They were just blown away. They had 10 times the amount of people at the event than they normally have!” – Leah Johnson, Omaha Musicians Live, Event Planner, Omaha, NE

“It was the best freaking night of my life and booking the Party Crashers® was the smartest decision I made. I wish you guys could all hear what our friends and family are saying about it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Please send my love and thanks to Jenny and crew.” – Molly O’Neill, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

“Outstanding! I had high expectations in advance based on what I had heard and read, but they were incredible. Our guests were overwhelmed and unanimously agreed that the band was the best anyone had ever experienced. I have no doubt that last night’s gig will generate some new business for you! They are not only true professionals but seem like genuinely decent people; we invited the band/crew to attend our brunch this morning and the few that were still in town took us up on it – seems like they very much enjoyed visiting Ottawa and our crowd did not let them down. So, the proverbial win/win! Thanks for the follow up. While I suspect the need is not there, I am happy to speak with any prospective clients as a referral should the need ever arise.” – Client, Ottawa, Canada

“They absolutely nailed it in Lisbon and were fantastic!!!” – Sydney Leopold, Sophos, Corporate Event, Lisbon, Portugal

“From the first song, they packed the dance floor. All of our guests were raving about the band. This band was everything we had hoped for and more!” – Kristen Partee, Ritz Carlton, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands