Sound, Lighting, & Video

Events in Demand offers an experienced team of award-winning lighting design and lighting production professionals, audio engineers, and video production experts to produce events that leave audiences in awe.

Our lighting team has designed corporate event lighting plots used all over the country. Our team’s lighting solutions and installations have involved varying degrees of difficulty as well as many different sizes and technical requirements. They have created breathtaking theatrical lighting for countless themed shows and corporate events, creating moods that impact audiences’ emotions.

Lighting, Design, & Enhancements Photos

Creative Lighting Design

Our team of lighting design experts can create custom gobos, move light technology, and produce mind-boggling lighting enhancements that bring your special event to life. We use lighting for many corporate events to deliver important messages and enhance branding for companies. For events both big and small, our lighting production engineers have successfully designed and delivered lighting plots to our clients time and time again. Lighting enhancements compliment room decor and design in a big way and our event planning experience allows us to create magnificent lighting effects.

Full Service Corporate Video Production

Our team of corporate video production specialists creates effective videos that bring in new customers as well as deliver excitement to viewers. They work hand in hand with clients to deliver on-target messages by means of imaginative and entertaining videos. Whether you’re looking to create corporate branding, develop product-related or service-related videos, recognize award recipients, produce commercials and infomercials to increase traffic and sales, or educate and entertain through non-profit videos, our video production editors can do it all. We are your one-stop corporate video production company.

Video Production, Editing, & Mass DVD Duplication Services

Events in Demand can create educational products for your Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, and Operations departments. We work closely with our clients to write effective scripts, create storyboards, cast actors, and shoot video, as well as provide all post production and editing services, produce packaged DVDs and perform mass production. We also work closely with you to create digital work for embedding within your blog or website for the purpose of boosting customer traffic.

Experienced Audio and Video Team

Whether it’s a conference, convention, trade show, corporate event, symposium, or seminar, your event is important and offers a unique opportunity to communicate, motivate, and educate your audience. If you expect to deliver a message that leaves a lasting impression it’s vital to bring in an experienced event technology and communication team. Great music and sound can have a powerful effect on an audience, producing deep emotions that keep people focused on your message.

Our sound engineers rely on their unique creativity and technical expertise to transform your concept and vision into a compelling, provocative and unforgettable event. Our audiovisual production team makes the unbelievable believable. If you can imagine it, our event production teams can create it. Our event design teams are second to none.