Aerialist Acts & Cirque Performers

Aerial & Cirque Show Demo Video

When you’re looking for the most spectacular and innovative entertainment you can imagine, it’s time to bring in some of our professional aerialists. Our aerial shows make fabulous corporate event entertainment, but are also a great addition to private parties, conventions, festivals, fairs, fundraisers, trade shows, weddings, and conferences. Whether you want a solo aerialist to entertain at your special event or a fully customized aerial and cirque show tailored for your individual audience, our high-flying acrobatic and cirque stars add flair to any event.

Aerial Photo Slide Show

Visually Stunning & Family Friendly

Our amazing aerial performers are visually stunning, family friendly, and can even bring their own lighting effects for increased dazzle. They are the perfect form of entertainment for celebrity parties, casinos, night clubs, stadiums, corporate product launches, corporate meetings, hotels, arenas, and theaters. Whether you’re planning a large-scale stage show, corporate event, or private party, our flying aerial artists and cirque acts are always an exciting addition. Choose an aerial exhibition, cirque performers, or combine the two into a breathtaking spectacle.

Breathtaking Professional Aerial Acts

Events in Demand offers spectacular aerialists who dazzle crowds with thrilling aerial performances. Audiences can’t take their eyes off the performers for fear of missing a stunning roll or drop. Our aerial performers are graceful, athletic, and breathtaking to watch. When you want to give the crowd something to get excited about, something they’ll be talking about long after the performance is done, bring in one or more of our professional aerial acts.

Add to that a spectacular group of cirque and circus performers and you’ve got a show that blows audiences away. Why choose between a juggler, contortionist, stilt animal or aerialist? Why not just bring them all in and give your crowd something they can really get excited about?

Aerial Silk, Ropes, Hammocks, or Cubes

Whether you want to bring in a popular silk aerialist or an aerial artist using ropes, hammocks, or cubes, we will work closely with you to deliver the type of aerial show that most appeals to you. You also have other spectacular options such as bringing in acrobats who perch at the top and move up and down extremely tall flexible poles, an act so thrilling it’ll be hard to take a breath.

The aerial dancers we offer are dynamic and mesmerizing. With a combination of beauty, strength, flexibility, and elegance, they perform exciting, dangerous routines that always command everyone’s full attention. Dazzling costumes accentuate these amazing aerialists as they roll, drop, spin, and pose to the music.

And for the ultimate event experience, invite some of our professional cirque acts to amaze and entertain. If you’re looking for some exciting event entertainment for a special event, look no further than these high-flying aerial dancing stars and acrobats. Let us help you make your event the most successful imaginable by bringing in some amazing aerialists and cirque professionals to dazzle your crowd.