Amazing Race Challenge Activity

Video: Amazing Race Team Building Activity

The exclusive Amazing Race Challenge from Events in Demand turns the hit TV show into reality for social and corporate clients. This is one of the most popular team building events ever offered, creating synergy and camaraderie among corporate event, conference, meeting, or event attendees. The race is an exciting teambuilding activity that gets everyone involved in a fun and active way.

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Heart-Pumping Team Building Activity

No matter how many guests, and no matter what the age, we can customize the challenge to meet the needs of your company or group. In a two-hour time period your guests will experience the extreme feelings associated with a stimulating team bonding activity. Our exhilarating challenges may include playing pool, bowling, paddle boats, go karts, velcro tennis suits, mermaids, bicycles for kids, and many other activities all woven together to create a thrilling Amazing Race Challenge.

Our race challenges are exciting for everyone and can be designed with as little or as much physical activity or complexity as you’d like. They’re a fun way for improving team performance, developing positive communication, teaching leadership skills, ensuring self development and learning how to work closely together with regard to problem solving.

Achieve Team Success & Improve Communication & Relationships

Our Amazing Race design experts will consult with you about the overall dynamics of your team, as well as your goals, which will allow them to create the perfect challenge for your team. Our race designers understand what it takes to achieve team success, improve relationships, and develop open and honest communication skills and know how to create activities that reinforce these objectives.

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, conference, retreat or private event, there’s no better way to build lasting bonds or teach successful skills than with our exclusive Amazing Race Challenge. Let us help you create an event that will leave a positive and lasting impression on your team.