Boy Band: Back Sync Boys

Back Sync Boys: The Video

What a hoot! This hip five-member boy band, Back Sync Boys on the Block, is exclusive to Events in Demand and brings the best boy band music, hotness, dancing, coolness and humor to any event. Once they step on stage you’re guaranteed to have a lollapalooza of a party.

“You absolutely saved my event.” – Nancy Snell, Nancy Snell Events

The Boy Band is Back!

Back Sync Boys is always a big hit at corporate events, conferences, meetings, private parties, wedding receptions, and fundraisers, dressing in a wide variety of outfits to kick off the festivities; valets, waiters, security personnel, hotel execs, speakers, guests and even as a boy band.

“I felt so bad for the speaker who had to get on the stage after you guys! AMAZING!” – Jason Lusk, CMP, PCMA

Back Sync Boy Band

If you like catchy, up-beat dance numbers and maple syrup ballads you’ll love this cool music group. They have the potent combination of hotness, style, charm, talent, and personality with a capital “P.” As far as boy bands are concerned, they look the part, they sound the part, they act the part, and will knock your socks off with riveting dance moves and catchy tunes. Whether you’re looking for high-energy corporate entertainment, unique wedding entertainment, or entertainment for an awards dinner, fundraiser, or private party, these boys will give you a show you won’t soon forget.

“We loved the boy band, now we need a girls group; so much fun!” – Tony Rodasta, American Cancer Society

Transforming Dull Parties into Thrilling Events

“Whoooo hoooo! You guys rocked my Chicago event!” – Rachel Benedict, VP of Sales Visit Denver

Back Sync Boys on the Block are pure magic, delivering slick pop songs and high-energy choreography in a show that delights audiences of all ages. Displaying a playful energy on stage, these boys set teenage hearts aflutter while commanding the attention of the older crowd as well. For a high-octane show filled with good music, electrifying dance moves, and a whole lot of personality, invite this hot boy band to the party.