Briefcase Drill Team: Corporate Kickoff Act

Events in Demand presents the Briefcase Drill Team, high-energy corporate entertainment that’s sure to get everyone’s attention. The team includes seven performers who come marching in from all corners of the meeting room, dressed in flashy business suits and carrying briefcases, ready to pump up the attendees adrenaline levels with an exciting dance number.

Briefcase Photo Slide Show

High Energy Briefcase Dance Team

This attention-getting opener is perfect for corporate meetings and events and includes a three-minute dance routine that portrays a typical work day for an employee. They dance to music that’s guaranteed to get audiences excited, wearing costumes that identify the company’s profession and look. The Briefcase Team provides custom routines created specifically for your company.

Once the Briefcase Drill Team marches out, wearing coordinated company costumes and performing their tailor-made dance routines, your crowd will feel energized and enthused to get involved in a positive way. This high-powered event entertainment is the perfect kickoff for corporate events, conventions, conferences, awards ceremonies and shows, galas, general sessions, corporate meetings, birthday parties, product launches, trade shows, casino nights, and other special events.

Customized to Fit Your Event & Deliver Your Message

When you want to kick off an event with entertainment that will command everyone’s attention, that will excite attendees and motivate them to participate fully in the day’s events, bring in the Briefcase Drill Team to ignite the fire in your audience. Each show can be customized to fit your theme or deliver a message, a perfect way to get things started.