Chase N the Dream Live Band

Band Demo Video

Chase is a phenomenal national recording artist who has put together one of the hottest and most entertaining live bands around – Chase N the Dream. If you’re looking for a high energy dance band with horns, this nine piece group is about as electrifying as you can get.

With their slick choreographed dance moves, pitch perfect harmonies, and a style that oozes hipness, Chase and his high-voltage dance band are a perfect addition to any event. No matter what the event, Chase N the Dream will have your guests dancing from start to finish, unable to contain their inner child.

Chase N the Dream is a blend of seasoned and versatile performers, playing music that everyone loves to dance to – top 40 hits, Motown, Rock, Disco, Swing, Country, Latin, and Reggae. But with Chase, it’s not just about the music, it’s about the vibe. This high-octane vocalist turns each tune into a hip, happening rendition with his stylish and unique personality and charisma. His smoothness is off-the-charts and his hipness cannot be touched.

If you’re searching for a high-energy dance band to be your corporate entertainment, wedding reception entertainment, or party entertainment, look no further than Chase N the Dream, one of the most popular dance bands around the country. But there’s more to Chase than just electrifying dance music – this hot band also delivers first class dinner and cocktail music when the occasion calls for it. For one of the best Top 40 bands on the scene today, invite Chase and his nine-piece group to the party and let the magic happen.