Flash Mobs: Corporate Kickoff Entertainment

Flash Mob Demo Video

Your guests have arrived, but don’t know what to do, where to go or who to talk to. A few outgoing individuals try to start conversations with others, but the majority just stand there quietly, waiting for instructions from someone in charge. Not an exciting beginning to a social or corporate event, is it?

Now imagine the same scenario, but with the addition of one of our entertaining flash mobs, with its members secretly interspersed among the guests. As your attendees are waiting for something to happen, one of the flash mob entertainers unexpectedly does a flip in the middle of the floor and then begins dancing in full view of everyone. The music begins to play and several other entertainers in the mob begin dancing too. The guests suddenly find themselves intimately involved in a musical show.

Flash Mobs Add Excitement to Corporate Meetings

High-Energy Corporate Entertainers

Our flash mobs are experienced entertainers who may gently, without being pushy, coerce a few of your outgoing guests to start dancing with them. Pretty soon, everyone is involved and excited, whether they’re actively dancing or just enjoying the spontaneity of the entertainment unfolding before them. After a few minutes of dancing and singing, the music begins to die down and the flash mob gives instructions to the crowd, directing them to where they’re supposed to go.

Corporate Event Flash Mob Kickoff Activity

Kick Off Your Event in a Fresh & Entertaining Way

Once your guests are seated in the ballroom or auditorium, our sensational flash mob continues where they left off, except this time they’re on stage instead of among the crowd. Singing top 40 dance hits while they perform their high-energy dance moves is a great way to get your attendees excited about your meeting or event. When you’re ready to take your private party, fundraiser, corporate event or other special occasion to the next level, bring in one of our high-powered flash mobs to kick things off with a bang.

More Popular Entertainment Options

In addition to high-voltage flash mobs, Events in Demand offers first-rate corporate entertainment, music entertainment and original corporate shows that you won’t find anywhere else. We provide the finest in wedding entertainment, whether you’re looking for studio quality musicians to play at the ceremony or live dance bands for the reception. Our live music entertainment can encompass anything from the country’s most prestigious cover bands to celebrity singers and entertainers. When you want to bring in the best event entertainment for your special occasion, we can make it happen.