Living Statues for Parties & Events

Our living statues are so real people won’t know they’re human – until they start to move and interact with the guests. Our living human statues are a great way to add a touch of class and elegance to corporate parties, private events, meetings, conferences, conventions, awards dinners, themed parties, fundraisers, charity events, galleries, nightclubs, weddings, and children’s events. Your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off them as they blend in with the background, remaining motionless for the longest time. We offer all kinds of human statues including Roman statues, cowboy statues, Greek statues and more.

Living Statue Photos

Human Statues, Water Nymphs, & Fairies

In addition to our amazing living statues we also provide beautiful water nymphs, living Venus flytraps, sprites and cute little fairies. Our highly trained living statues create unique interactive moments with guests that get people talking and excited. They are the masters of motionless – brilliant entertainment – adding a magical and sophisticated twist to all types of events. Whatever the event, be it a large company event or a small wedding reception, our realistic statues add a surreal element that borders on the spectacular.

Astonish, Confuse, & Entertain a Crowd

Depending on the event and character, our living, breathing statues can remain completely still and ornamental, or they can be interactive with the guests. They are skilled in the art of non-movement and can remain frozen in lifelessness for long periods of time, occasionally moving for brief moments to astonish or confuse the crowd. For some events the main objective is to make people wonder – is it a real statue or is it a person? For others, it’s to create a visual effect or to get people talking, a way to break the ice. For a unique and entertaining addition to your next special event, let us deliver some living statues.