Rhythergy Stomp Drum & Dancing Show

Rhythergy Drum Show: Promo Video

If you’re looking for high-energy corporate event entertainment that’s captivating and fresh, Rhythergy will not disappoint. It’s a barrage of rhythm and energy, a compelling Stomp show that incorporates music, hip hop dancing, tap dancing, stepping, acrobatics, jump roping, drumming, humorous audience interaction and customization. Each performance is individually tailored to deliver your desired corporate message or support your corporate brand in a fun and unique way.

Rhythergy Stomp Drummers

A Barrage of Rhythm and Energy

Whether you’re planning an awards show, corporate event, convention, trade show, conference, team building activity, product launch, fundraiser or corporate meeting, our rhythmic team of dancers, drummers and performers will put together a tailor-made show that’s sure to please any crowd. We specialize in producing event entertainment that’s fresh, creative and exciting. Each show includes anywhere from 4 to 20 performers depending on your needs and budget.

Events in Demand is a leader when it comes to corporate theater and produced shows that brand and deliver a message to your target audience. We will work closely with you to make sure we deliver more than what’s expected. We have an award-winning team of event specialists that know how to transform your vision into reality.

Rhythergy Stomp Dance and Drumming Music Show

Producing Corporate Shows that Captivate Audiences

Events in Demand is a full-service event entertainment and event production company that exclusively offers Rhythergy and many other one-of-a-kind entertainment options. Our specialty is producing corporate shows that not only entertain, but captivate crowds with imagination and creativity while delivering your target message at the same time. Let us help you create an event that will live long in the minds of your audience.