Singing Chefs & Imposter Waiters

Chefs & Waiters Demo Video

If you’re afraid your next corporate dinner is going to be just as boring as the last one, it’s time to invite The Singing Chefs or Imposter Waiters to the party. They’re a hoot, one of the most fun and audience-interactive shows for corporate crowds. These vocally gifted chefs and waiters dress exactly like the catering staff so that your guests are totally taken by surprise when they break out singing and become the show.

Photos of Our Singing Waiters & Chefs

Tailored to Your Event

The Imposter Waiters and Chefs are an exclusive to Events in Demand and are a hit wherever they sing, having wowed audiences at over 700 shows across the globe. The Waiters and Chefs are a riot, helping to lighten the mood and get audiences involved in a humorous and exciting way. Their show includes songs from a wide range of styles including rock and roll, Broadway, blues, and opera. Plus, The Chefs and Waiters even perform a tailor-made song specifically for your group that’s always a big hit.

Parties are always more exciting when the guests have no idea what’s going to happen next, which is why the Waiters or Chefs are always outstanding corporate entertainment. They’ll be serving dinner one moment, and then breaking out in song the next, completely surprising the guests. They’re friendly, humorous, professional, and committed to making sure everyone has a great time without being embarrassed or put on the spot.

Humorous & Interactive Corporate Entertainment

If you’re looking for something interactive and original, bring in these three Singing Chefs or Imposter Waiters to sing popular tunes and incorporate your guests into every song, making the show unique and personal to each individual client. Our waiters and chefs will have you and your guests laughing, singing, dancing, waving napkins and wiping the tears away as they move from table to table, interacting with the crowd. Once you’ve had this entertaining group as your event entertainment, you’ll never be able to think of dinner in the same way again. The show is 45 minutes and includes sound, lights, and an hour of solo piano music during cocktail time.