Corporate Interactive: Dancing with the Execs

Anyone who has seen “Dancing with the Stars” has dreamed about how exciting it would be to be a celebrity on the hit TV show who rehearses with a professional dancer and then performs a high-stepping or romantic dance routine in front of a live audience. If you thought it would never happen to you, think again! Thanks to Events In Demand you can now be the amateur celebrity dancer at your next corporate event or private event, paired with a professional who will teach you the steps and hone your dancing skills so that you can impress the live audience who is cheering you on. Dancing with the Execs is one of the most exciting activities for corporate events, private celebrations, awards dinners, fundraisers, and other special events.

Professional and Interactive Dance Entertainment

Feel the Excitement of Dancing Like a Pro

If you ever thought about how thrilling it would be to hear the thunderous applause of an adoring crowd as you perform a beautiful samba, high-energy jive, or romantic tango, you don’t have to think about it anymore – you can actually experience the sensation for real. Dancing with the Execs can fit into almost any type of event. For awards presentations or dinners your guests can be the dance entertainment between presentations. Dancing with the Execs can be pure entertainment with no victor, or a winner can be crowned depending on your desires.

Dance with Company Executives

Fun Interactive Entertainment for Events

Whether you pair employees, company executives, family, friends, or guests with our dancing pros, the show is always a hoot. Our pro dancers are given individual partners that you select, rehearse with them before the show and then perform their routines to a live audience. There’s nothing quite like dancing in front of a live audience.

If you’re looking for fun audience-interactive entertainment, dancing activities that include your guests are always a great choice. Of course, if you’d rather bring in some real celebrity dance entertainment instead of using your guests, we offer spectacular dancing shows featuring some of the most recognizable dancers in the world. However, for a great entertainment activity that gets your guests involved in a thrilling way, Dancing with the Execs cannot be beat for entertainment value.